Cherish the imperfections

Tara’s products are hand-crafted in rural environments which differ from normal garment production sites. One item may travel to 5 or more different locations to be worked on. Plus, our pieces are embroidered by hand, not by machine, so imperfections are guaranteed (and welcomed, they add to the charm!). Due to the nature of our unusual garment creation process, small quality issues may arise, but please bear in mind that it’s impossible for a hand-crafted item to meet the same quality standards as a factory-produced item. Cherish the imperfections, as they make your piece truly unique!


We aren’t a large-scale garment manufacturing operation, and that’s why you might find the trims, or some thread colors on your order, aren’t exactly the same as the online image. This is because we can’t always obtain an exact match when we re-order from our suppliers. We will always select a suitable alternative, and never compromise on aesthetics when substituting any components

Traces of blue

Can you see blue traces around the embroidered detail? Don’t worry, it’s not where we got excited with a biro, it’s just bluing powder used to mark the embroidery design, a nice little clue that human hands have worked lovingly on your purchase. The blue clues will slowly fade and disappear after a few washes. Any other marks should follow suit.