Vests, Shirts & Sets

Cotton baby tops - kettuduppu or jablas are the best newborn clothing for a new baby. We call them baby pinny - the kettuddupu can be worn as a full length cover or long dress when baby is just born, along with out 100% cotton cloth nappy. As baby grows bigger and longer, it becomes a top to pair with bloomers or one of our lace frill panties.

Cotton tops or kettuduppu/ jablas/pinnies are the most essential baby item to keep in your baby bag. You can never have enough of these. They are very easy to maintain - and dry very fast after a light wash so most traditional homes used only this for newborn.

Tara recommend whites for newborns so its easier to see any stains on the garment, and in case you need a warm rinse, there is no worry about colour fading. Also, there are no buttons so easy to wear and easy to take off!