About Us

Tara has been clothing Kerala’s little kids in adorable, hand-crafted designs since 1980.

The children who wore our first creations are now having babies of their own, not only in Kerala, but all around the world. This makes us happy. It also makes us realize that by making Tara available online, we can ensure that all our new little Keralites, and their international friends, are able to share the magic of a brand which not only cares about the tiny people who go inside the clothes, but the bigger hands that make the clothes. Tara is also about how much we value and care about hand made products and the empowerment of women from our villages.


Hand-embroidered detailing & light fabrics make up the quinttessential look of Tara’s products, each of which have a story, feature delightful designs and hold timeless appeal. We aren’t fans of machine-embroidery, in fact we wouldnt be able to assist so many local women if we ran a machine based, mass- production unit in a fixed location. We prefer our pieces to have the character and slight imperfections that they all hold, which serve as reminders of the story behind the brand.


Every single piece of our beautiful garments are worked upon by women in villages across central Kerala. A self-help operation, we enable women who can’t, leave their home environment, to work. Each step in garment production is carried out by different women who have various skills, which means a single garment travels to various locations to be made.
Tara facilitates work for people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of earning & contributing to the household income. We continuously welcome new hands into the family.
If a local lady hears through a friend that she can utilise her existing stitching skills by taking work from Tara, we will not turn her away. If a group of people wish to set up a small workshop, we will provide equipment, or financial help to secure the premises. There are numerous ways in which we differ totally from a mass-production unit, we put no pressure on workers to meet deadlines, don’t penalise for damaged pieces, and always strive to provide work to those who need it, even when demand for stock is low.
Our garments pass through many hands and many places, but at no stage does a garment of ours pass through a factory. Tara’s extra-special business model has evolved over the decades, and to date, hundreds of women have gained empowerment due to their association with Tara, a brand with a unique ethos and more importantly a big, caring hand.