Covid-19 Policy

Ever since we set up shop in 1980, Tara has been committed to staff welfare.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected our business but not our mission. While ensuring the safety and security of the team, we have extended stringent measures to every aspect of our network.

The women who work from home now have their work delivered to them, there is no one who is using public transport so as make minimum contact outside the family unit. All staff at our central unit have made arrangements for family members to drop them off, or some even walk to work.

Our daily routine includes a good cleansing when everyone comes to work, we wear masks and follow social distancing norms when interacting with each other. The Kerala Government has also issued strict guidelines for small units like ours, and we are happy to follow the recommended steps to ensure safe and secure operations.

All packets delivered to you are carefully processed in this safe environment, but we also encourage you to discard the outer courier envelop before opening your parcel. And ofcourse, wash your hands :)

Thank you for taking time to read this, your support means a lot.